McCloud, Pit, Hat Creek May 9 &10

Dry fly beauty Bob

Bob, a good friend returned for a quick weekend getaway and was rewarded with some incredibly fine weather.  The Upper Sac and Lower McCloud were running a bit high from recent storms so he decided to try his luck on the Upper McCloud on Saturday were he found a couple very productive runs.  On Sunday we ventured over to the Pit which Bob had fished only once previously and sampled Hat Creek which he had never seen.  The first run we hit on the Pit was phenomenal, we finally left only for a change of scenery.  We fished a couple other runs finding a few fish in the second run but either the bite turned off on the third run or more likely we fished it after someone else.  We decided to fish one more run but with a car in nearly every available turnout, decided for an early lunch and headed over to Hat Creek.  There were very few Salmonflies about but we opted to fish a dry dropper rig anyway and were not disappointed, the nymphs produced well and we even got some grabs and a few fish on the big bite.  It turned out to be just what Bob needed, a brief recharge after several busy work weeks.

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