McCloud River, August 16th

Bill starts the evening rally Bill

Bill has fished with us a few times before but just returned from London so it’s been nearly two years since we’ve shared a river with him.  He was anxious to return to the McCloud so we decided to fish some water he hadn’t seen before.  Very few folks are fishing the Mac this time of year and the solitude is a real treat.   We started in the middle of the afternoon and it took a short bit for the fish to find us and for Bill to get his game going.  We started in some pocket water, got some grabs and found a few gems in the upper reaches of the stretch before moving into a classic run.  We were surprised when we failed to hook a fish in the run so took a break for a little picnic.  We moved upstream a bit after lunch and the bite took off.  Each run produced better than the last and we ended with a flurry taking several fish in the final run.  Like the evening before however not much of a rise was to be found so we stuck to nymphs and enjoyed the action as the light faded from the canyon.  A little headlamp stroll back to the car for some cold beers made a fitting end to  our day.

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