McCloud River flows to increase, remains fishable for now.

Andrew setting up his cast Flows on the McCloud have been very fishable and those in the know have enjoyed some exceptional days of late.  With this recent announcement by PGE, we are not sure how long they will remain so:

As you may be aware, McCloud Dam has been spilling approximately 150 to 300 cubic feet per second (cfs) for past several weeks.  PG&E has been taking careful steps to manage the spill flow and increasing inflow into McCloud Reservoir by monitoring the reservoir level, maintaining the water surface elevation in Iron Canyon and McCloud Reservoirs, and diverting water through James B. Black Powerhouse to maintain the maximum amount of storage capacity.

Based on the current snowpack condition, increasing air temperature, and increasing inflow conditions into McCloud Reservoir, PG&E anticipates that the spill magnitude at McCloud Dam will continue to increase steadily over the next several days, and possibly weeks depending on the long term weather trend.

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