McCloud River Flyfishing Saved!

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Fly fishers and flyfishing on the McCloud River will be spared as Nestle’s six year attack on the springs that supply the flow into the fabled McCloud River has come to an end.  In a letter yesterday Nestle withdrew their project proposal on the old mill property in McCloud.

The text of the letter can be viewed below.

We’ll be popping some Champagne this evening!

September 10, 2009
McCloud Community Services District & McCloud Community
P.O. Box 640, McCloud, CA 96057
Dear McCloud Community Services District & McCloud Community,
For the past several years we have worked together to develop a project proposal to build a water bottling facility in McCloud that we believe would be of benefit both to your community and our company. We have sincerely appreciated the time, input and patience both supporters and opponents have shown as all stakeholders considered our evolving project proposal in McCloud. We know that this dialogue has not been an easy process and we are grateful for your willingness to stay engaged and provide us with feedback every step of the way.
The nature and economics of our business require us to continuously evaluate new spring sources and potential project sites. As most of you know, this summer we were able to secure a site for a new bottling facility in the Sacramento area to help supply our customers in Northern California, the bulk of which reside in the Bay Area and Sacramento. The Sacramento plant will allow us to serve our Northern California customers with lower distribution costs and a reduced environmental footprint. As a result, and after conducting a thorough analysis, we have concluded that we no longer have a business need to build a new facility in McCloud and we are withdrawing our proposal to build a bottling facility in your community. 
Protecting and sustainably managing the sources for our product has always been part of the mission for Nestlé Waters, and we are continually striving to improve our siting process. Thanks in large part to your input, we have learned a great deal since the time we first submitted our initial project proposal in McCloud. We have solicited and listened to feedback, refined and re-refined our project proposal, and undertaken new scientific studies that will provide important baseline information on the Squaw Creek watershed. The data produced by these ongoing studies can be used by the District and the McCloud community as you make water management decisions and consider other economic development opportunities in the future. Nestlé Waters plans to complete these two-years of baseline studies, and will ensure this information is made available to the District and community.
The importance of the Mill property to McCloud’s history and culture is a theme that we have heard from you since we began this project. At this time we are beginning the process of obtaining a current appraisal of the Mill property. Once that appraisal is completed, we will consider offers on the property from potential buyers.
Once again, let me thank you all for your engagement, consideration, and patience over the past six years.
Kim Jeffery
CEO, Nestlé Waters North America

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