McCloud River, July 8th

Paul with a McCloud Trophy


Paul came up to celebrate the 4th of July with his family and of course took a little time to fly fish.  He is an accomplished angler and has fished the McCloud at Ash Camp and the Conservancy but hadn’t yet sampled the water around Ah-Di-Na before so we decided to fill in the gap.  We fished through some runs, slots and pocket water with dry flies and droppers finding fish in all the likely spots and just before lunch when we didn’t pull a fish out of the shaded head of a very juicy run we switched to a nymph rig.  Within a cast or two Paul was fast into a very strong fish.  It jumped a couple times and then headed for every obstruction between us and it before Paul expertly brought it to hand.  What a way to end our afternoon session.  After a streamside picnic, we continued upstream and finished the day on a dry fly slick with heads popping all around.  As it grew darker we knew it would only get better and our chances of sticking another big ‘un grew exponentially.  To our surprise the last half hour to forty five minutes were surprisingly quiet.  We caught a few more fish but nothing exceptional.  Hmmm?  Paul is returning for a group trip with some friends and associates later this summer and has donated his services as a Master Sommelier to our Cal Trout Auction Steelhead Weekend on the Klamath.  Paul is currently working for Harlan Estates and Bond where they make some of the finest wines in the world!

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