McCloud, USac, Pit, Hat Creek May 21 & 22nd

Dave with a nice Upper Sac 'Bow Paul, Dave and Michael

Another Grand Slam!  Four rivers in two days and each angler caught fish on every river again.  It’s that time of year.  To follow the baseball theme further we might even claim a “cycle”, 4 rivers, 3 players, 2 days, 1 guide.  What a great game we had.  Paul fishes with us several days a year and brought a couple friends, Dave who was a novice fly fisher and Michael who fishes a fair amount but has spent little to no time on these rivers.  Michael has traditionally trout fished with dries so we sought water that provided dry fly opportunities the first day on the Upper Sac and McCloud.  Both rivers are dropping quickly into shape but steadily rising fish are far from the norm.  Dave fished nymphs the first day feeling it was most productive while Paul who knows his way around would change flies and techniques as conditions dictated with continued success.  On the second day on Hat Creek and the Pit Dave and Michael added a few techniques to their quiver and caught fish both on top and nymphing.  Michael became so proficient at nymphing that on the Pit he ran into double digits in one run without moving his feet.  And it appears that the fishing is only going to get better!  We are already discussing a new tour and hope and expect to fish soon and often with these great guys.

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