Mt. Shasta area fly fishing guides go creekin’

Jerri, Mt. Shasta area creekJuly 6th

The weather in the Mt. Shasta area is delightful with daytime highs in the eighties and evenings in the 60’s so Jerri and I took the opportunity to explore a local little creek.  It is a short scenic drive from our home and a rugged but pretty trickle that cascades over numerous little falls and has a number of pockets loaded with tiny Rainbows eager to eat a small dry fly.

No need for long casts or extended drifts so I strung up a 7 1/2 foot four weight T.C. Robertson and Jerri took her custom R.B. Meiser 4/5.  She fished a Thorax PMD tie while I opted for a Cutter E/C Caddis.  It didn’t matter much as they liked both flies from the first cast until the last.  Most fish were midget missles but I found one surprise, a 11-13″ Trophy that was a bit shy once we got the camera out.  What a way to spend a holiday weekend evening, a romantic getaway close to home!

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