Northcoast March 27-29

Sunset Beach Weekend Getaway

Jerri and I decided to drive over to the coast for a weekend getaway.  While I wished for a season ending epic steelhead trip it was not meant to be.  We stopped at the Ashland Fly Shop for a visit with the owner and good friend Will Johnson who reported the Applegate and Rogue had been fishing fair for some and poor for others.  We continued on the beautiful drive over to the coast through the Redwoods and along the Smith River.  The Smith flows were great, I’ve done well in March in previous seasons but we did not spot a single fisherman.  During a fabulous dinner at the Bistro Gardens in Crescent City we discovered why.  A fellow diner was one of only four boats to launch that day and none had touched a fish.  Though a few good days were had  I’m afraid it’s been a very sad season on the Smith. This turned out to be a blessing, we salvaged the weekend with a stay at Casa Rubio and a romantic getaway ;>)

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