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Jim with a trophy spring Klamath River Steelhead Guide Jim Andras with Klamathon Lodge guests Ned with a chunky Fall River dry fly 'Bow

Trip Reports for June 1st – 13th

It has been longer than usual for us in between posting our reports, it is the time of year we are on the water most everyday, leaving early and returning late.  All of the local waters have been fishing well except for the Upper Sac which continues to be quite high and the McCloud River which colored up on June 8th.  June-uary has finally left us with some superb weather and our guests are enjoying some sunny days to go a long with some great fishing.

Richard Anderson, California Fly Fisher Magazine publisher with Klamath River Steelhead Klamathon Lodge & Richard Anderson friends, Ken, Todd, Kevin, Steve & Jim Steve with a chunky spring Klamath River steelie Guides Craig Nielsen, Jim Andras and John Rickard kicked off the month on the Klamath with some friends of Richard Anderson, publisher of the California Fly Fisher.  There were some excellent anglers in the group, including Richard and we were hoping to take advantage of the Salmonfly hatch with dry flies.  The dry fly fishing had not yet got going but the nymphing was superb with some very fine fish to hand. The group was hosted by our good friend John Jacques, owner of the Klamathon Lodge.

Jim with a nice Klamath River Spring Steelie Mike finds a sunny day Rainbow Craig and John stuck around for another day on the Klamath.  Craig took out some regular guests, Mike and James who enjoyed the bounty again finding the majority of their fish nymphing though they found a few fish on dries through sheer dedication and some well placed casts.  They found some fine fish but deserved even better.

Guide Tom Peppas has been spending several days on the Pit River with a few days on the Fall River  as well.  A few local creeks rounded out the beginning of the month for him.  He treated a father and son to some great fishing and catching with both of them planning to come back for more, and introduced Ted, a seasoned angler to the Pit River, which until the crowds arrived this past weekend,  was fishing quite well.  Guide Alan Blankenship (known locally as the Pit Pirate) has spent nearly every day plying the Pit River this month and said this past weekend was the most crowded he has ever seen it.  Guide Fred Gordon treated Marko and wife Dominque to a weekend anniversary celebration fly fishing some little known tucked away spots.  Rick Cox and Wayne Eng spent the first part of the month on the McCloud before it was muddied by appropriately named Mud Creek and then managed to find a few fish on the Upper Sac and Hat Creek as well as some lesser known local creeks and stillwaters.

Gloria, Julie and Judy, International Women Fly FishersEd finds a lengthy Fall River Rainbow Trout Ed with a typical Klamath River Spring Trout The past few days Craig and fellow guide Gabe Duran were splitting their days on the Klamath and the Fall River.  Earlier in the month Gabe was having success on the Lower Sac, despite the increased flows.  While the bite on the Klamath has picked up we are still waiting for the dry fly fishing to turn silly good!  Three fine ladies, Julie, Gloria and Judy from the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival tried their hand tossing dries on the Klamath with Craig and enjoyed their day immensely, hey we even caught some fish!  The Fall River has been windy but when we are able to get a little break from the breeze the dry fly fishing has been superb.  Guests Ed and son Ed (aka Ned) inbetween two days on the Klamath found some very fine fish including an incredible trophy that got away right at the boat.  Craig discovered that two Ed’s can indeed be better than one!

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    Thanks for the fishing report. Good photos and looks like many happy smiles out there.

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