Northern California Fly Fishing Guide Trip Reports

Ron lands a lunker on his first day fly fishing Ed is pleased with his Hat Creek trophy Rainbow April 28 – May 6th Upper & Lower Sacramento Rivers, McCloud & Fall Rivers,  Hat Creek.

Springtime weather has finally arrived in the Northstate in time for the fly fishing weekend season opener and the fishing has been fantastic.  The catching has been pretty good too, we had three guests gain entry into the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame this week!  After a little squall it looks like we will be returning to sunny days next week as well.

The Lower Sacramento River has been fishing exceptionally well, if you are considering a trip, we recommend you get here now.  Unlike most every other river in the state, flows are actually a bit lower than the norm, we expect they will be going up soon as agricultural demands increase in the coming weeks.  The fish have been active most all day with afternoons sometimes being just silly good.  Guests have enjoyed multiple double hook ups in recent days along with an average large size and some trophies to hand.

Flows on the McCloud and Upper Sac are high but clear and fishable though only in select spots.  The key is knowing where to find fishable runs and our guests enjoyed some productive days as a result of our local guide’s first hand knowledge.  We’ve found fish both nymphing deep runs with rubberlegs, stonefly, mayfly and caddis nymphs as well as a few while casting attractor dries with droppers.  The landslide on the road to Ash Camp has been cleared and some adventurous souls have made their way to Ah Di Na and the Nature Conservancy through the snow drifts.

Fall River and Hat Creek have been little affected by spring run off making them a popular destination for anglers in the know.  We have been a bit surprised that more anglers have not opted to check them out.  Hatches on both rivers have been a bit hit or miss rather than the clockwork rhythm that can be typical in the spring.  They seem to be starting a bit later than usual and have been short lived on most days.  Nymphing with small may fly nymphs and streamer fishing with leeches and small nymphs has been effective during not hatch periods but with stable weather patterns in the forecast we hope and expect hatches to begin their progression and the dry fly fishing to improve as a result.

The flows on the Pit, Klamath and Trinity River have made them unfishable.  It looks like it may be a few weeks or more before they come into shape.

Michael lands an Upper Sac springtime trophy Corey lands an Upper Sac Rainbow with a bamboo rod of his own design Several guests started their season off on our year round streams before heading out on last Saturday’s opener to try their luck on streams where fish had not seen a fly all winter.  Corey enjoyed a fine day on the Upper Sac fishing one of his Bamboo creations and casting dry flies all day with Craig.  Joel treated his dad Mike to a drift on the Lower Sac with Gabe and enjoyed exceptional weather and phenomenal fishing.  Gabe also shared some fine days on the Lower Sac with Mason, a savvy regular who arranges to arrive when it’s good.  Michael fished opening day on the Upper Sac with Craig and landed a big Rainbow that gained him entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame!

Fine New Zealand Wine & Fall River Jerri with a Fall River beauty Craig had a cancellation on Sunday so took the opportunity to check out opening weekend on the Fall River with Jerri for a little precelebration of their 25th wedding anniversary.  The weather and fishing were phenomenal but the catching was just fair.  Jerri, the better angler in the family,  kept up her end of the bargain as she out fished him again!

Ron lands a lunker on his first day fly fishing Harry with a trophy Lower Sacramento River Rainbow The Monterey Peninsula Fly Casters joined Craig, Chris and Gabe for a couple phenomenal days on the Lower Sac that they will not soon forget.  Koney, Bill and Harry  introduced a new member and novice fly fisher, Ron to the bounty of the Lower Sac and being incredible hosts allowed him to be top rod, not an easy task as they all landed many large trophy Rainbows and enjoyed multiple double hook ups!  Ron’s best fish however was large enough to gain him entry on his first day of fly fishing into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame!

A smiles with a Hat Creek trophy 'bow Another nice Fall River 'bow Our regular guest and good friend Ed made the pilgrimage to Hat Creek and Fall River again for opening week and got his game up to speed.  Fishing on these rivers can be technical and demanding but after a bit of a warm up he was up to the task and hooked several fine fish and landed a trophy Rainbow on Hat Creek providing him a spot in Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame for this season.  However he will not soon forget THE ONE that was considerably larger that got away!

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