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William finds a McCloud River trophy Brown Trout Salmonfly & Dry Fly Father Frank enters the ShastaTrout Hawg of Fame with a Klamath River Steelhead taken on a Salmonfly Dry

Fly Fishing Reports for June 15th – 29th

Fly Fishing in Northern California continues to be outstanding as we enter summer from the peak of our spring season.  Fine weather has arrived and our guests enjoyed sunshine on a host of venues that have fished very well with several folks finding memorable fish and the finest fishing of their lives.   High water on the Upper Sac (but dropping fast) and the off color of the McCloud means fish will be rested and hungry as conditions improve.  We are a bit delinquent again with our trip reports as we’ve been spending our days on the river and evenings refilling boxes with flies, answering your phone calls and emails, leaving precious little time for the computer, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.  We thank you for your patience and are glad you checked back and hope you find our reports worth the wait.

Will shows off his Lake Siskiyou Trophy Rainbow Ignacio with one of several fine fish on this day ShastaTrout owner and guide Craig Nielsen has seen Mt. Shasta from most every angle recently, from the north fishing the Klamath River, east from Hat Creek and Fall River, south from the McCloud and Lower Sac and from the west on the Upper Sac and Lake Siskiyou.  Most recently he spent a day on the Lower Sacramento River with longtime friend  Rob who brought his fishing buddy Ignacio.  While the fishing was hot the weather was even hotter.  We suffered well and found a number of fish, including several that made their weekend.  We finally called it a day when the afternoon heat slowed the bite.  Our good friends Pete and Cathy from Seghesio Winery brought their kids Will and Joe up for the weekend and enjoyed a fine day swimming, boating, and fishing on Lake Siskiyou with incredible views of snow capped Mount Shasta looming above.

Sam plays a Fall River Trophy Fall River Hexagenia Hatch Sunset A regular guest, Steve Starke, enjoyed a family reunion (all 27 of ’em) in Burney where he, Sam Sr., Sam Jr., Mike and Jon spent a few days with Craig and guide Tom Peppas on the Fall River where the hatches were exceptional though the fish were a bit fussy.   We were able to get a number of grabs, hooked a few, including some trophy ‘bows while landing our fair share.  We also enjoyed the Hex hatch which was in full swing on the lower river and will be heading upstream in the coming weeks!  We recommend scheduling a trip soon to take advantage of this exciting event!

Mike with a Klamath River Summer Steelhead Gene enters the ShastaTrout Hawg of Fame with his Klamath River dry fly Steelhead Father Frank enters the ShastaTrout Hawg of Fame with a Klamath River Steelhead taken on a Salmonfly Dry Guests Mike, Bill and Gene spent the middle of the week up on the Klamath River with Craig and guide John Rickard dead drifting big Salmonfly dry fly  imitations to adult and juvenile Steelhead.  Gene, Mike and Bill all found trophies including Gene’s entry to ShastaTrout’s Hawg of Fame.  The fishing was truly epic, they couldn’t keep track of the numbers they were catching even though Gene tried with his fish clicker counter.  Gene has been fishing his entire life and said it was the best fishing he has ever had, comparing it only to trips in Alaska.  The week prior John hosted Father Frank with similar success, they also claimed a Klamath River ShastaTrout Hawg of Fame trophy.  Wow!

Jon finds a fine Fall River 'Bow Andrew hooks another from a McCloud River  emerald riff Fine dry fly evening McCloud River Brown Trout John and Carlo joined Craig the previous week on the Klamath with fine weather and some fish looking up.  Both of them got into many fine fish and enjoyed a solid if not spectacular dry fly bite.  It turned out to be a great alternative to their annual trip to the McCloud and has them planning a return.  Andrew and Kim returned with their kids William and Autumn to the Bollibokka Club.  Craig served as a guide for them and their good friends, Don, James, Chris and Brian for a week that started with poor river conditions and ended with some of the best fishing we have ever experienced.  The fishing was superb throughout the day with amazing evening dry fly fishing.  Both Chris and William brought some remarkable trophy Brown Trout to hand including William’s ShastaTrout Hawg of Fame entry.  Others had great fish as well and of course, a few lunkers also got a away.  When the McCloud clears upstream we expect it to turn on as well.  Drop us a line for the latest conditions and to check guide availability.

Local guide Gabe Duran has been splitting his days between the Lower Sacramento River and Fall River with good success.  Guests have enjoyed a great dry fly bite early in the day on the Fall River with the evening Hex Hatch rounding out the day.  Gabe reports that Lower Sac has been nymphing well during the day, with a few dry fly opportunities late and some early summer run steelhead on the way.

Carrie's McCloud Rainbow Turbid McCloud River Below Ash Camp Rick Cox, a local genius has been working his magic on the McCloud and Upper Sacramento Rivers, pulling not only rabbits out of his hat but big Rainbows as well, as evidenced by the picture of his guest Carrie with a big healthy McCloud ‘Bow.  The Upper Sac continues to be quite high even for rafters (though dropping quickly) while the McCloud continues to suffer from silt pouring in from Mud Creek.  As conditions improve we are expecting fishing to be excellent as fishing pressure has been non existent.  Give a ring before you head this way, hopefully we can help point you in a direction you would most enjoy.

Always clever and versatile, guide Fred Gordon has opted for some local stillwaters and his guests have been pleasantly surprised.  They have found incredible numbers of eager trout, some with notable size.  He even managed to fit in a little personal fishing and found some willing bass on a small local gem. Alan Blankenship continues to rein as the Pit River Pirate fishing the nooks and crannies only he can find for his guests as the river has been as crowded has we’ve ever seen on weekends.

The National Weather Service is calling for continued fine weather,  with daytime highs in the 70’s and 80’s.  With solid hatches and steady flows on the Fall River, Pit and Lower Sac along with conditons on the Upper Sac and the McCloud improving we expect to have some very special days on the water in the coming weeks.  We hope you can joins us soon!  For the very latest on conditions on the legendary rivers we call home and to check availability for any of the finest local guides drop us a line!

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