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Creighton lands a lunker Klamath River SteelheadKelly with a hefty Klamath River buck Steelhead McCloud River, Last Catch of the season November 15th 2010 November 2010

Fall colors had not yet fallen from the trees in the shadow of Shasta when recent storms brought snow and a few fresh steelhead  into the Klamath and Trinity Rivers.  The storm at the same time reduced the number of anglers. The result has been some good catches for those willing and able to get out.

Bob celebrates a Klamath River Trophy Steelehad The Klamath has been fair to good, while the Trinity has suffered from a lack of fish along with a number of anglers. Most folks are nymphing but a few dedicated to the swing continue to find a few fish as well.  With very few Salmon left in the system the egg bite has fallen off with rubberlegs and small nymphs creating most of the magic.  Those swinging are still seeing smaller dark colored wets working best, though as water temps fall into the forties a larger offering may soon be required.  While fall fish seem not to be very numerous this year, some have been good sized and our first “winter run’ fish have arrived to bolster the run.   Hopefully the winter runs will provide the bounty we are seeking, as well as spark the bite for fall fish that have grown stale.

Colorful McCloud River Dry Fly Rainbow The McCloud closed November 15th with a bang, some slow fishing early in November picked up the last days of the season and several very nice fish looking for a final feast came to net.  The October Caddis sputtered a bit while the Blue Wing Olives popped in their favorite weather.  These little mayflies also provided a few fine days to end the season on the Fall River, including some superb fish taken on dries!

The Upper & Lower Sac as well as the Pit River remain open year round for those looking to conclude their year trout fishing.  The Lower Sac has fished exceptionally well on some days with a few real trophies showing up, mostly on egg patterns.  Numbers of fish per day are down and at times conditions proved difficult with little or no action on hatches as well as problems with the river coloring for a few days during the wettest parts of the storm.  A few steelhead on the lower drifts have shown, while the upper floats have seen the most pressure but also produced the best fish on average.

During the last storm the snow level was quite low, nearly down to Lake Shasta.   On the Upper Sac access will be an issue until snow melts off.  The good news is that the cold weather has impeded runoff keeping flows very low.  Nearly a foot of snow remains standing on the ground at the headwaters with another cold front scheduled to arrive midweek.  This is the time of year when drippy days find the river’s biggest Rainbows sipping BWO’s in shallow glides.  The next few warmer, clear days may have a few October Caddis lingering as well.

For the latest on conditions, drop us a line.  We would be pleased to point you in a direction you might most enjoy whether you are seeking guide service or not.

Hot Klamath River chrome SteelheadDrew finds a big Klamath River Buck on first day steelheadingJohn with his first fish on a fly, a big beautiful Klamath River Steelhead! Some new and returning guests have recently enjoyed some fine days on the Klamath River with several visitors getting into their first fly caught fish and first steelhead ever!  Congrats to Drew and John who joined a few of our regulars, Joe, Jeff and Neil for a group drift trip with Craig, Chuck and Chris King.  Earlier in the week, our good friend Kelly joined us for a couple of days and found several chrome winter fish though the one that got away will have him coming back for more.

Tri Valley Fly Fishing Club, Klamathon Lodge weekend with Shasta Trout Guides Guide Jim Andras with Klamathon Lodge guestsMartin with a fine Klamath River Steelie The first two weeks of November went by in a flurry of adventures with folks fitting in their last trout trip of the season, their first steelhead trip of the season and sometimes both.  It was a real treat for Craig, Jim, Alan and Chuck to host a large Tri Valley Fly Fishers group at the Klamathon Lodge, where everyone managed to get into the action including steelhead landed by some club members new to the sport.

Creighton with a heafty Klamath River SteelieYee Haw! Jay with his first Klamath River Steelhead Bob brought his magic mojo mid-month for his last trip of the season, Jay flew out from the east coast for a reunion with his college buddy Blake to land his first west coast steelhead,  while Nigel made the trip clear across the pond from the UK for a couple of days of trouting and steelheading.  Creighton, Ron and Richard (members of the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers) on the other hand made the short drive from Redding to sample the bounty of the Klamath with Richard successfully introducing his longtime friend Mike to fly fishing for Steelhead. Dave rejoined us for a day of steelhead on the Klamath and trouting as well, Neil tried his luck on the Trinity, while Nick returned with some friends and found some trophy ‘bows on the Lower Sac as did Bill.

Gene with another Klamath River Steelhead Craig's first Delta Striper We opened November with Tom hosting Mary and John on the Fall River followed by a few days with Rod.  Dan successfully introduced wife Mary to steelheading on the Klamath and our good friend Gene counted another good time with the kind of bounty he finds rarely outside Alaska.  Craig even managed to fit in a couple presentations to the Diablo Valley Fly Fishers and San Jose Flycasters along with a day on the Delta with Bob Laskodi, his host at San Jose.  Like I said, it seemed to go by in a flurry.

Jim Andras with a bright Rogue River Steelhead This winter you’ll find Craig on the Klamath, Lower Sac and Upper Sac,  Jim on the Klamath, Trinity, Lower Sac and Rogue, Alan on the Klamath and Trinity, Gabe on the Klamath, Lower Sac and Trinity, Chuck on the Klamath, Rick and Wayne on the Upper Sac,  Fred (who just returned from the Bahamas) on the Upper and Lower Sac,  and Tom on the golf course.  If you are headed our way, please drop a line.  We would enjoy arranging a trip with the finest local guides or if you prefer to fish without, point you in a direction you might enjoy.

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