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Sunshine reflects off a Wild Trinity River Hen Sunny day golden Brown Trout Hot and brite winter run Klamath Steelhead November 28th – December 6th

Variable weather recently has delivered several cold storms as well as some sunny days and our guests have suffered cold fingers as well as sunburned cheeks without complaint.  They have been rewarded with some fine catches.  The cold weather trapped a good deal of runoff but snow also limited access until recent rains melted the snow which increased flows dramatically.  Flows on the Upper Sac increased from 400 cfs to 6400 cfs and with more rain in the forecast we expect it to be awhile before we see flows return into the hundreds if indeed we do?  The Lower Sac has seen the bite go on and off as the storm fronts push through.  The bite has never gotten red hot but some of the fish coming to net have been true trophies, our guest’s biggest trout ever!

The best news is that a fresh push of very hot steelhead have arrived both on the Trinity and Upper Klamath and sparked the bite.  We are excited to share the bounty with our scheduled guests this week, including those who are participating in our first ever Spey Weekend at the Klamathon Lodge with guest instructors, Chris King, Jeff Putnam, and Jon Hazlett.  For those who missed signing up in time we have scheduled another Masters on the Spey Weekend, March 11-13th and have five openings remaining.  Drop us a line for details.

Craig, Alan, Jim and Chuck hosted a number of guests this week on the Klamath River with considerable success.  Water temps have dropped into the mid forties hampering the bite which has been offset by some winter run fish arriving.  Fish continue to take leggs & eggs, small nymphs such as Princes, PT’s and Copper Johns as well as small classic wets on the swing.  Nearly all of the fish we seen have been wild, with the majority of the adult fish in the 16 to 23 inch range.  On occasion we are hooking some larger fish including some truly amazing specimens but have been unlucky as most have been reluctant to have their pictures taken.

Brian with one of his small orange original swing flies Swingmaster, Brian finds a fine Klamath Steelie Ignacio enjoys sunshine and a fine Klamath River buck Guests Rob and Ignacio enjoyed a cold but sunny day with a strong and steady bite throughout.  Ignacio enjoyed some impressive numbers while Rob was provided some entertainment dancing with a couple exceptional fish.   Gary and Brian who were the winning bidders of a trip we donated to the Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen spent their day learning the river and the most productive techniques for bobbing and swinging.  Brian brought his spey rod while Gary tried his hand with a switch rod and both found good success including a hot fish Brian got to grab one of his original swing patterns.

Chrome to warm you in cold weather Irma enjoys a hot drink on a very cold day Phil and Irma suffered one of the most inhospitable days ever on the Klamath during the heaviest storm we have witnessed.  A half foot of wet snow fell with a high of 34 degrees.  They are both wildlife biologists who are studying the Klamath River fishery and to say they were good sports is a gross understatement.  The Upper Klamath typically receives less than ten inches of precipitation a year so this storm was way out of the norm.  This also turned out to be Irma’s introduction to fly fishing and beyond belief, she is already looking to schedule a time to come back and give it another try!

Mike, CFO of the Fly Fishing Institute enjoys some field research on the Klamath River Chuck, Director of the Fly Fishing Institute enjoys a fine smoke and Irish Coffee Jim, Science Director for the Fly Fishing Institute conducting some field research on the Klamath River The tres amigos, proprietors of the Fly Fishing Institute, Jim, Mike and Chuck book ended the weekend with Klamath River trips.  Mike invited a good friend Richard to join him.  As usual for these guys, the weather turned fine and the fish were biting.  They have studied fishing carefully and through extensive research have discovered cigars, Irish coffee and steelhead fishing go together extremely well.  What a great time was had by all.

Sunny day & Crimson striped Trinity River hatchery Buck Trinity River Chromer Gabe, Jim and George have been hosting guests on the Lower Sac and Trinity Rivers with some improved success.  While the numbers of fish are not the best we’ve ever seen, the size of some of the fish has been outstanding.  The Trinity finally has some fishable numbers arriving and the Lower Sac has been fair to good when it has been in shape.  It too has some fresh steelhead in the lower reaches.

If you are headed our way, please drop a line.  We would enjoy arranging a trip with the finest local guides or if you prefer to fish without, point you in a direction you might enjoy.

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