Northern California fly fishing guides head to Alaska and the Rockies

Fly fishing guide Anthony Carruesco with a big beautiful Alaska Rainbow Several guides who work with us are preparing to make their summer pilgrimages to far away places.  Anthony Carruesco and Matt Formento are headed to Kulik Lodge in Alaska,  Kevin Price and Whitney Gould are headed to Alaska West, Jason Hartwick is returning to summer at Hoo Doo Lodge in Alaska  and Darrin Deal will soon be guiding for the Lodge at Palisades Creek on the South Fork Snake in Idaho. We recommend you look them up and request their services if your are headed their way, or better yet, schedule a trip,  they are among the most talented guides to be found anywhere.

Here is a post made a few days ago by Anthony:  In one week I’ll be on my way back up to Alaska for another summer season of guiding in America’s final frontier. Soon, the sunscreen and sandals will be replaced by fleece and wool. The glass driftboat and oars will be exchanged for aluminum sleds and outboards. It’s not always easy to explain to folks what we do or why we do it – but it’s being in places like this that is at the heart of it all.


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