Northern California fly fishing guides report on summer conditions

Upper and Lower McCloud, Upper and Lower Sacramento, Pit and Fall Rivers, Hat Creek & Lake Siskiyou.  July 2012

Bright Lower Sac Rainbow brings a big smile! The weather has turned gorgeous, flows on local rivers have dropped and hatches on local rivers are in full swing.  As a result, the dry fly fishing on the McCloud and Upper Sac has been exceptional, particularly in the evenings.  The Hex hatches on the Fall River and Lake Siskiyou have been phenomenal and nymphing on the Pit continues to produce some outstanding catches.  Hat Creek has some stoneflies still hanging around and warm weather has summer caddis and PMD’s on the Lower Sac popping.   While the Stonefly hatch continues on the Klamath we have concluded our spring season until fall water temps drop to a safe level to practice catch and release.

IMGP0404Ladd enjoys a fine McCloud River Rainbow Flows on the McCloud are at a season low, having reached summer levels weeks ago with nearly all crossing spots open and wading at it’s best.  We’ve been taking advantage of the conditions with several guests, casting dry and droppers to the far bank and pockets all day, followed by phenomenal fishing to risers during the evening hatch of Pale Evening Duns, Flavineas along with a Rusty Spinner fall.  Many Stoneflies continue to linger with an occasional Green Drake getting eaten as well.  The June crowd is gone and particularly on weekdays you can find some solitude.

IMGP0380 Craig Nielsen, Tom Peppas, Gabe Duran and George Durand report several guests are enjoying the evening Hex hatch on the Fall River which is moving up from the confluence of the Fall and Tule Rivers. This hatch allows us to nymph and swing emergers prior to the hatch and cast enormous Mayfly dries at last light to target the biggest fish of the season on the surface. Combined with action nymphing and casting drys to a midday PMD hatch makes for a very fulfilling day.  We expect the hatch to continue through July and the first few weeks of August.  We still have some guide dates available, drop us a line if you have not yet experienced this amazing seasonal event.

Local guide Alan Blankenship (aka The Pit Pirate) has been finding some fish on the Pit River as flows have dropped to the summer minimum.  Several guests have enjoyed outstanding days, catching chunky ‘bows who have seen very few anglers this season.   Alan has some availability for hardy waders who have not yet sampled the bounty this fishery can provide.

Judy enjoys one of many good sized Lake Siskiyou Smallmouth Bass International Women's Fly Fishers Barbara and Diane @ Middle Falls, McCloud River Ellen is pleased with another colorful Lower Sacramento River Rainbow Craig, Tom Peppas, Gabe Durand and Wayne Eng hosted a number of anglers who attend the International Women Fly Fishers gathering in Mt. Shasta. Wayne shared some local creeks and ponds, Gabe floated the Lower Sac for trophy ‘bows, Tom shared spring creek fishing at it’s finest on the Fall and Craig enjoyed dry fly fishing on the Upper Sac, Upper & Lower McCloud, as well as nymphing for trophy ‘bows on the Lower Sac and tossing Poppers for Bass and big Hex dries on Lake Siskiyou.

IMGP0389Ed lands another lunker!  What a day.Ned poses a Lower Sacramento River porker The Lower Sacramento River continues to fish well and Craig and Gabe hosted a number of guests to the great midday hatch of PMD’s  which provided some exciting action with the summer caddis just getting started in earnest.  With the warming weather we expect to see the summer caddis taking center stage and the evening fishing on the Lower Sac in summer can be spectacular, we’ve already enjoyed some opportunities to cast dries!

IMGP0399 IMGP0410 IMGP0407 Flows on the Upper Sacramento River have dropped to summertime norms making the entire river very wadable and fishable.  Nymphing during the day continues to produce and the evening dry fly bite on Mayflies and lingering Stoneflies has been outstanding for those in the know.  The fish are fat and happy as angling pressure has been noticeably light this season.  Craig and Jerri enjoyed a couple hours casting dries to rising ‘bows just a few minutes from home before the kids and grand kids arrived for the holiday weekend.

Lezlie is pleased with a Klamath River Steelhead on her first day of fly fishing We have concluded our Steelhead fishing on the Klamath for the season but still have some fall dates available starting in October when water temps drop and we can safely practice catch and release.

Brian pleased with colorful Lower Sacramento River RainbowThanks for your patience following our fishing reports. We experienced modem crashes and loss of access to WordPress the past few weeks, so are delinquent with our report. An ATT repair person solved several issues and we hope these issues are a thing of the past.  We are looking forward to posting regularly in the future.

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