Northern California fly fishing reports and Special Offer 20% OFF: Fall River, Lower Sac, McCloud, USac & Pit Rivers

Becky with her Shasta Trout "Hawg of Fame" trophy Lower Sac RainbowA Handfull of Hexagenia Mayflies July 11-23rd

Evening dry fly fishing continues to be exceptional, particularly on the Fall River where the Hexagenia Mayfly hatch is peaking.  If you have not experienced this event, with big hungry trout sucking down size six dry flies as the sun sets over Mt. Shasta, consider this your complimentary notice to get here now. Fly fishers also continue to enjoy one of the best seasons ever on the Lower Sac.   Another angler landed several trophy Rainbows this week including one that gained her entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame!  The warm summer weather that has arrived is making wet wading our local rivers a refreshing option.  Flows on the McCloud, Upper Sac and Pit Rivers have reached their summer levels with miles of river to fish in near solitude.   The afternoon bite has remained surprisingly good, though many anglers are opting to fish early and late and nap midday.    To help you take advantage of the great fishing we are offering a group special.  Bring family or friends and hire two guides for a day (or longer) and receive 20% off.  Save $160 per day or more, guide fees are $395 per day reduced to $315, or $80 off per guide per day.  Contact us now to schedule remaining prime dates with the finest local guides, this offer expires August 31st.

Fly fisher enjoys Hexagenia Hatch at sunset on the Fall RiverHexagenia Dun a large bite for trophy troutGreat local guides Gabriel Durand, Tom Peppas and George Durand continue to spend the bulk of their days on the Fall River treating guests to the magical evening Hex hatch which is in full swing.  Prior to the Hex’s popping some black Caddis are emerging providing opportunities to nymph and swing emergers to actively feeding fish.  The guides have been fishing split days, getting started early in the morning to take advantage of the Trico Spinner fall and a few lingering PMD’s, then taking a break in the afternoon to nap, tie flies and prepare for the evening bonanza.  We have some prime dates remaining with these terrific guides and recommend contacting us to schedule a trip.  Better yet, invite some friends and take advantage of our special 20% off group rate.

Becky lands a hefty Lower Sac trophy RainbowJon enjoys a trophy Lower Sac RainbowCraig Nielsen and Gabe Duran hosted several anglers recently on the Lower Sac and the fishing continues to amaze us.  Brothers Jon and Kurt returned for another trip and had a steady bite all day.  A few large fish were landed including a lunker by Jon but the action was non stop on small Mayfly and Caddis nymphs for medium sized Rainbows.  Some evenings we’ve seen a decent dry fly grab on Caddis.  Becky and Phil, a delightful couple who enjoyed each other’s company,  took the last day of their local sampler on the Lower Sac after a few days wading the Upper Sac and McCloud.  Becky found big fish all day, including a trophy Rainbow that gained her entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame!

Phil enjoys a McCloud River Brown TroutMike is pleased with his first streamer caught McCloud River trophy 'bowDry flies and big 'bows, fishing doesn't get much betterDespite or perhaps because of the glacial silt, the McCloud it has been fishing very well.  Similar to Becky and Phil’s trip, Tim and Jake, father and son enjoyed learning the river and catching trout using a variety of techniques including a few exceptional fish on dries.  New fathers, Aaron, Jason, John, Scot, & “Tang” celebrated their getaway on the Upper Sac with some great bonding and fine fishing.  Craig enjoyed sharing the Bollibokka Club with new members, Terry, Mike and Conor who scored on a grand slam of techniques with fish willing to eat nymphs under an indicator and without, fish on dry flies and droppers (even midday) and a trophy or two swung up on streamers.   Fred Gordon and Wayne Eng treated a new guest, Dick, to a multiday tour of the Upper Sac and McCloud while the dean of the McCloud, Rick Cox shared his magic with Larry and earlier in the week with Adam and his teenage sons.  Adam had this to say about their trip: Thanks again for the great outing.  The boys had a blast.  Thursday night Josh and I went out for a late evening trip above upper falls (just below Lakin Dam).  Josh ended up landing 4 fish, 2 brooks and 2 rainbows on both nymphs and dry flies.  He too is now hooked and he’s already saved over $100 towards his own rod and can’t wait to head back up to McCloud.

Scot enjoy success on his first day of fly fishing!The boys enjoying their weekend awayClarity on the McCloud is about three feet and has been increasing.  Fish are noticeably less wary than usual for this late in the season, and surprisingly grabby, even for dry flies midday.  The Upper Sac continues to drop and at  current flows most all of the summer water and crossings are accessible.  The new flow regime on the Pit River has been put in place and many anglers will need to relearn it.  Fortunately our guides know the river well and have enjoyed some spectacular days with very few other anglers around. While evening dry fly fishing remains excellent, hatches on our local freestones have become compressed to just before dark in some areas, while others get going as soon as the sun leaves the water.  Look for some PMD’s, Rusty Spinners and both Black and Tan Caddis.  Recent fishing pressure on all of the local freestones has dropped off dramatically and it is easy to find undisturbed water for yourself.

Do drop us a line if you are headed our way, we would enjoy arranging a trip with the finest local guides or if you prefer to fish on your own, share all we can about current conditions. We hope to see you soon!

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