Northern California Spring Creeks: Fly fishing Fall River and Hat Creek gettin’ good

Don finds a Hat Creek Dry Fly Beauty Ned with a chunky Fall River dry fly 'Bow May 18th – 25th

Fall River and Hat Creek are spring creeks and as such are typically impacted little by spring runoff in high water years.  They are very hatch driven however and the bugs have been coming to life and fishing is improving as a result.

Salmonfly and Dry Fly Midday hatches of small mayflies, PMD’s predominately have heads up on both rivers, particularly on days that wind is not an issue.  A little precipitation can actually make for a stronger hatch and less wary trout.  We’ve also seen some big drakes of late, Green Drakes mostly, but a few Brown Drakes, Gray Drakes and Gray Drakes (or little Green Drakes, size 12-14) are in the mix as well.  Some Stoneflies are showing on Hat Creek and casting under overhanging trees and shrubs have brought some exceptional fish to the surface.  Playing them long enough to bring them to hand is another matter as they are extremely camera shy.

Tom Peppas and George Durand have been spending their days with guests on the Fall River and enjoyed a pretty consistently developing midday hatch while nymphing and swinging flies during slower non-hatch periods.  Gabe Duran will be joining the fun this week.  Craig continues to spend a day or two on Hat Creek each week and expects the dry fly fishing to remain good or even get silly good as the number of Salmonflies hatching increase and they begin egg laying.

We still have some prime dates available with the finest local guides on these legendary rivers, drop us a line if you can get free to sample the bounty.

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