Northern California Trout and Steelhead Guides go bassin’

Gramps Nielsen with a big BassNana with a small Lake Siskiyou Smallmouth on a popper July 10th

Shasta Trout guides Craig and Jerri Nielsen had an evening off on Sunday so decided to head out to Lake Siskiyou just five minutes from their home to check out the Hexagenia Mayfly hatch which should be in full swing.  In most seasons it starts sometime late in June and continues until the first few weeks in August.  It is a mixed affair with some Smallmouth Bass and Rainbow Trout coming to the surface at last light to feast on these giant morsels.

Conditions were perfect for the hatch, a warm partly cloudy evening, with a very light breeze but not a bug was seen.  As usual, they started out stripping ‘buggers on intermediate sinking lines near weed beds and structure, a tactic that has always produced.  After  a few casts Craig grabbed a rod rigged with a floating line and popper and hooked a Smallmouth on his first cast.  And another on his second and a third and…then he rigged a rod for Jerri.  They fished until last light not finding the Hex’s they were looking for, but spent a gorgeous evening watching the sun set on Mt. Shasta while hookin’ bass on surface poppers.  What a hoot!

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