Fall River

The famed Fall River is the largest spring system in the country. Its steady flows and ideal water temperatures create nearly fifteen miles of prime habitat for the legendary trophy Rainbow Trout that inhabit it’s crystal clear waters. Renowned for it’s prolific and predictable hatches, Fall River rivals the finest spring creeks in the west for it’s outstanding dry fly fishing. In between hatches we enjoy swinging and retrieving streamers along with dead drifting nymphs, which anglers of all experience levels find is fun and effective. The incredible evening Hexagenia hatch of size six mayflies in June and July has to be experienced to be believed. Fall River flows through the scenic rural valley of the same name with vistas of Mt. Shasta and Lassen on the horizon and abundant waterfowl, raptors, otters and deer along its shores. Bordered entirely by private land our seasoned guides have obtained the finest access available and travel to fish the most productive glassy glides (averaging four to eight feet in depth) in their comfortable shallow draft motorized johnboats. This is exclusive spring creek fly fishing at it’s finest!