Hat Creek

Hat Creek is perhaps the most famous spring creek on the west coast.  The wild trout section from Powerhouse #2 to Baum Lake hosts some of the most highly educated wild Rainbows and Browns on the planet.  The creek is known for it’s technical flats with prolific hatches of mayflies, stoneflies and caddis feeding selective rising trout that refuse all but the finest imitations and long delicate presentations.  This is demanding technical spring creek fly fishing at it’s finest.

While the weedy flats can humble the most seasoned anglers the riffle and run sections winding through the beautiful forest of mixed hardwoods and evergreens are delightful relief for the more modest fly fisher.  The cobble bottom is easily waded and fish are often eager to gobble a drifting dry fly or dead drifted nymph making it an ideal place to hone skills for the more demanding flats.

Whether you are interested in testing your technical skills on the flats or wading the friendly riffs and runs a friendly local guide’s knowledge and patient instruction is invaluable for improving your technique and increasing your enjoyment and success on this challenging creek.