The McCloud River

What you have seen and heard about this river is probably true.  The McCloud is among the most beautiful river canyons in the world. Pristine forests, emerald pools and feisty McCloud Redband Rainbows make for a fishing experience not to be missed. Toss in an outlandishly large brown trout on occasion and it is easy to understand why anglers have been coming from around the world for over a century to discover the magic of the McCloud.

Our adventures include walking and wading on the incredibly scenic falls section on the Upper McCloud or the remote pristine canyon of the Lower McCloud. The fishing on this river can challenge even the most experienced angler. We believe employing a variety of techniques and tactics is the key to unlocking the mysteries this magical river affords.

We recommend supporting The Nature Conservancy, which operates a reserve with over two miles of trails accessing the Lower McCloud and allows ten anglers per day. Reservations are available by contacting the Nature Conservancy at: (415) 777-0487.