Klamath River

During the last century the Klamath River gained worldwide recognition for the quality of its steelhead. While often anglers count the number of days needed to take a steelhead, the remarkable Klamath most often produces a number of steelhead per day. The fish are a hearty combination of resident rainbows, juvenile steelhead, adult steelhead and the famous Klamath half-pounders. We believe there may be no finer place to learn the craft of flyfishing for this legendary sport fish. The numbers of fish and their aggressiveness allows for a variety of techniques including the classic Klamath Swing for adult and half-pound fall run steelhead. The Klamath offers outstanding opportunities to develop two-handed and “switch” rods tactics as well. We use a driftboat to access prime runs and often take the opportunity to wade a number of exceptional glides.