Pit River

The Pit River runs through a rugged scenic canyon for thirty miles that are chocked full of robust Rainbows.  Easily sporting one of the highest catch rates of any river in the state it is a nirvana for the adventurous angler.  Our local guides spend perhaps as much time individually on the Pit as our biggest competitor’s guides do collectively.

The Pit is divided into three reaches below Lake Britton by dams and powerhouses and we guide them all, providing adventurous anglers access to portions of the river seldom seen by others while offering less adventurous souls opportunities to fish roadside stretches and enjoy the bounty and solitude this remote river provides.

While it is primarily known as a nymphing paradise with miles of boldered pocket water and pools, opportunities to fish dries can be exceptional provided you are in the right place at the right time.  We believe there is no substitute for the first hand knowledge our seasoned local guides provide to unlock the magic the Pit River offers.