Rogue River March 16th

Bob Meiser Bob & Will

Bob Meiser,  Will Johnson and I have wanted to get together forever.  We finally settled on a date to fish the Rogue.   Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we arrived in Shady Cove to find the Rogue muddied and flooded.  Fortunately Bob is a master flyrod designer and builder and owner of R.B.Meiser Rods, Will is the owner of the Ashland Flyshop so we headed to the Holy Water to cast Spey and Switch rods.  Bob put on a clinic casting, running through a half dozen different rods and his brand new Scandi lines.  Bob has probably forgotten more about Spey Rods than I’ll ever know.  What a treat.  Will is not far behind.  He is my go to guy whenever I need an answer about a flies, tying materials, a particular rod, line systems or perhaps most importantly matching the two.  While I continued to work on my new casting stroke, Will swung a few soft hackles over big bulging heads and ticked a few.   A few IPA’s sitting on the bank and some friendly fish talk brought the sun out making for a memorable ending to a great experience.

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