Seasons on the Klamath presentation at the Golden West Women Flyfishers in El Cerrito

Tuesday, March 13th @ 6:00 – 9:00

Golden West Women Flyfishers

A novice steelhead pleased with her success! Craig will be presenting a program on fly fishing the Klamath River called ” Seasons on the Klamath” at a monthly meeting of theĀ  Golden West Women Flyfishers. The presentation features proven techniques and strategies for the Salmonfly hatch and dry fly fishing in spring, as well as swinging and nymphing for wild and hatchery steelhead and half-pounders in the fall, concluding with successful approaches for targeting the wild Klamath River steelhead run in winter.

Salmonfly and Juvenile Steelhead Klamath River Bounty LARGE and small Craig and the great local guides who work with us at ShastaTrout spend as much time on this stretch of the Klamath individually as our largest competitor’s guides spend collectively. Discussing this intimate knowledge with a group of fun and seasoned anglers who willingly share their experiences makes for an informative and fun evening. We hope you will join us as well!

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