Shasta area Stillwater, July 12th

John with a Jerri & John

What do guides do on their day off?  Eat, drink and go fishing (I got some laundry done before indulging).  John invited Jerri and I for an evening on a local stillwater to throw poppers and Hex dries for Smallmouth, Bluegill and the occasional trout.  We launched at about 7:00 and headed for the nearest cove as it was a bit breezy.  We tossed poppers to the bank and quickly lost count of the grabs, hooked fish and fish to the boat.  The fish were small (though we do get big ones too) but on a three or four weight it was an absolute hoot.  We sampled our good friend Tim Filice’s 2004 La Filice Watch Hill Syrah and a Stonefly Cabarnet Franc that John brought along with a fresh baguette from the local Oven Bakery, a little cheese and truffle cake for dessert.  The view of alpine glow on the flanks of Shasta made it a pretty fine way to spend a little time off and served to remind us of why we love living here.

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