Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers Enjoy Klamath River Steelheading

Bill with a Big Thick Wild Buck Swing Fly Bill gets reward for Swinging Flies with  a Big Bend! Dick with a nice bright wild hen Bitter Weather, Big Steelhead and Good Sports

December 11th & 12th

For a fly fishing guide Steelhead fly fishing in winter does not get much better.   Craig enjoyed the warm company of Bill and Dick, officers of the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers, a club in Redding, who left their dry cozy abodes in California’s Central Valley for two days of cold weather Steelhead fishing on the Klamath River.   These two great guys are seasoned anglers and incredibly good sports willing to tough out some bitterly cold weather in pursuit of a very illusive quarry.  They suffered well and were rewarded on the first day with a good bite evenly mixed between half pounders and adult Steelhead including a few very nice fish on the swing!  The second day warmed a bit and we found a few nice fish early lifting our hopes for a banner day.  Unfortunately the bite slowed until after lunch when we hit a run that produced good fish on every pass including a very bulky Wild Buck Bill stuck providing a battle that we will not soon forget!  Even better news is that these storms will draw even more Steelhead into the upper river with three full months of great fishing still ahead of us.   We’re looking forward to getting out together again soon.

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