Shasta Trout Fly Fishing guides enjoy evening hatch on Upper Sacramento River

Jerri with a summer evening dry fly Rainbow on the Upper SacReleasing a Beautiful Rainbow July 4th & 9th

Craig and Jerri Nielsen, owners of Shasta Trout Guide Service, had a few evenings off together so went out to sample the evening dry fly bite on the Upper Sacramento River which has been outstanding.

We’ve seen a mixture of bugs, a few lingering Stoneflies, a new hatch of summer Caddis along with a blizzard Rusty Spinner fall, but the Pale Evening Duns have been the principle attraction.  On the first evening the hatch started as soon as the sun went off the water, but the fish were fussy and our flies were not taken eagerly, getting bumped but not eaten.  We each managed a few fish but never felt like we solved it.

Tom with a big bend and big smile!  Last night the hatch didn’t get going until twenty minutes before sunset, leaving only about a half hour of fishing before it got too dark to see our flies.  Some beautiful hand tied flies by our good friend and fellow guide, Tom Peppas, who has thirty years experience fooling discriminating fish on the Hat Creek and the Fall River, were the ticket.  We caught as many fish as the previous evening but in a quarter of the time.

We hope to get out again this evening on Lake Siskiyou to check out the Hex Hatch.

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