Shasta Trout fly fishing guides enjoy Hex Hatch on Lake Siskiyou

Yee Haw!  Lake Siskiyou Bass on Hex dry flies!  Hexagenia Mayfly (size 6) dries it's wings, Lake Siskiyou July 31st

Shasta Trout guides Craig and Jerri Nielsen had an evening off on Sunday, the last day in July, so decided to head out to Lake Siskiyou just five minutes from home to check out the Hexagenia Mayfly hatch, which was in full swing.  It is a mixed affair with some Smallmouth Bass and Rainbow Trout coming to the surface at last light to feast on these giant morsels.

Conditions were perfect for the hatch, a warm partly cloudy evening, with a very light breeze and the bugs started hatching on cue, as the sun went over the horizon, peaking right at dark.  We started by  fishing poppers to the bank for Smallmouth with out much luck.  After  a few casts Craig grabbed a rod rigged with a floating line and Hex and hooked a nice Smallmouth. They fished until last light finding the Hex’s they were looking for and the fish looking up, spending a gorgeous evening watching the sun set on Mt. Shasta, and a magical evening.

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