Special Summer Rate

McCloud 20% Discount on Guide Services!

We are offering our first ever web special! Schedule a guide date with ShastaTrout this summer and receive a 20% discount. This is a savings of $80 per guide for a full day of guiding featuring the legendary rivers in the shadow of Shasta and the finest local guides. This is a limited time offer for guide dates scheduled from July 1st through August 31st 2009 and can not be combined with any other promotions. ShastaTrout features a group of talented friends including all of the finest local guides. These seasoned pros spend as much time individually on local rivers as our biggest competitor’s guides spend collectively and we believe there is no substitute for their first hand knowledge. We hope you will accept our special offer and take the opportunity to schedule an adventure with one or more of our outstanding local guides on your favorite river, or better yet sample a legendary river that is new to you! Do drop us a line if you are headed our way!

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