Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Trinity River: Guides Reports

Sunny winter day and a bright Trinity Buck, it can't get much better Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Trinity River has been as good as we’ve seen since the epic 2007 season.  Our great local guides Gabe Duran, Kevin Price, Jim Andras and George Durand are averaging several hook ups a day with some hard work, with 6-8 adult hook ups a day about average, with some double digit days for more experienced anglers. Flows have returned to low and clear which makes the game a bit more technical. The recent rain has helped with the forecast calling for a bit more.

Todd mines a bright winter wild Trinity River Steelhead Until the water colors a bit, it is key to slow down and be precise.  Afternoons have been best, but morning fish are available, particularly on the warmer days. Stones, Stones and Stones, all sizes and colors with #12 and #14 attractors and mayfly nymphs getting fish as well. Fish are everywhere for now, but move daily, so the whole river is fishing.

Bright day, and bright wild Trinity Hen, what a catch! Trinity River fly fishing guide Kevin Price poses one of Santa's holiday steelhead.  Merry Christmas! Most of the fish have been kegged up in deep slow runs.  Making perfect drifts and mends without spooking them is a must. In most seasons the Trinity fishes well into March with the bulk of the wild run just starting to show.  The fall crowds have disappeared we suggest you schedule soon with one of the finest local guides and enjoy the bounty.


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