Summer Special Offer & Northern California fly fishing guide reports: McCloud, LSac, USac, Pit & Fall Rivers

Creighton with his Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame dry fly McCloud RiverRainbow! Dick with a twin Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame Entry! Scott poses a trophy McCloud River summer evening dry fly Rainbow July 5 – 10th

What a week! The weather in Mt. Shasta has turned gorgeous and the fishing has been superb!  Several of our guests enjoyed some of the finest fishing of their lives.  Three additional anglers landed trophy Rainbows this week that gained them entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame! Consider this your complimentary notice to get here now and enjoy the bounty for yourself.   To help you take advantage of the great fishing we are offering a group special.  Bring family or friends and hire two guides for a day (or longer) and receive 20% off.  Save $160 per day or more, guide fees are $395 per day reduced to $315, or $80 off per guide per day.  Contact us now to schedule remaining prime dates with the finest local guides, this offer expires August 31st.

McCloud River produces a dry fly pocket water trophy Rainbow Dick and Creighton enjoy great company and good fishing Flows on the McCloud River are at a summer time low and the fishing this week was superb.  Hatches continue to run late with some Stoneflies still hanging around and prolific small Mayfly hatches along with the summer Caddis that are getting started.   Glacial melt has reduced clarity which has the fish less wary and grabby all day.  The turbidity on Thursday increased a bit too much and slowed the bite but returned to four to six feet of visibility which is very near ideal.  The evening hatch has been phenomenal, starting early and ending late, a couple guests this week opted to fish small mayfly dries and caught fish all day.  Their fish were more numerous than anglers who swung streamers or nymphed Goldenstones with Mayfly and Caddis droppers, but they were not as large on average.  Two anglers caught trophy dry fly ‘bows on their last cast of the day to gain entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame.

Fall River Hexagenia Hatch Sunset The evening Hexagenia Mayfly hatch on the Fall River is in full swing and several guests have enjoyed the sunset on this beautiful spring creek as the bugs pop and the biggest fish in the river come to the surface to feed on these enormous bugs.  Earlier in the day the small mayfly hatch, mostly Pale Morning Duns with a few Blue Wing Olives still mixed in, provide some dry fly fishing as well.  Before and after the hatches, nymphing has been productive as has swinging streamers on sinking and intermediate lines.

Creighton enjoys another trophy 'bow on this magical day Shasta Trinity Fly Fishing Club President with his Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame entry!The Lower Sacramento River continues to amaze us.  We are enjoying one of our most successful and enjoyable seasons ever.  Prolific midday Pale Morning Dun and Blue Wing Olive hatches have fish grabbing late morning through early evening followed by the summer caddis that is building daily.  Flows are clear and fluctuating slightly  at the summer norm. Two locals who fish the river regularly, Richard (Dick) the President, and Creighton the Vice President, of the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishing Club in Redding, enjoyed their finest day ever.  Neither had ever landed so many large fish  including two that were Dick’s largest ever, gaining him entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame.  They are rescheduling to join us again as soon as possible!

Rus finds another willing fast water Rainbow Flows on the Upper Sacramento River have dropped dramatically this week, nearly 100 cfs per day and are below 1000 cfs for the first time this season.  Flows continue to drop and more water is accessible every day leaving many fish yet to see their first fly of the season.  Two delightful couples, Rus and Debbie and Tamara and Mike had good success with Craig and local guide Rick Cox, nymphing during the day after a productive morning on the Upper McCloud tossing dries and small nymphs. The evening hatch has been terrific, sometimes lasting a couple hours, other evenings more compressed with fish rising in a frenzy just before dark.  Bring a headlamp!

The Pit River flows continue steady but a bit higher than recent seasons leaving less productive pocket water to fish than we have enjoyed in the past.  Guests have enjoyed productive days nymphing with small bugs  from streamside edges and larger runs that offer wading opportunities.  They have also enjoyed relative solitude.   Cal Trout is hosting a meeting at the Clearwater House in Cassel to discuss the new Pit River flows on July 14th which we will be attending.

Do drop us a line if you are headed our way, we would enjoy arranging a trip with the finest local guides or if you prefer to fish on your own, share all we can about current conditions. We hope to see you soon!

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