Switch Rod Workshop May 2nd

Switchrod Casting Workshop San Jose Fly Casters

Shiz and Judy, regular clients, friends and Switch Rod enthusiasts proposed an onstream workshop with their fellow San Jose Fly Casters club members.  The response went so well that we offered a second session and filled two half day workshops with six students each.   What an exceptional group.  Though most had little or no experience with two handed casting each and every one was willing to step out of their comfort zone and try new casts and fishing strategies and tactics.  We started each session with nymphing tactics and strategies, both high sticking and with indicators, moved through shooting heads and then spent a good deal of our day learning and refining two handed (Spey) casts with floating and sink tip lines.  I brought over a dozen rods for students to sample including a few each from Gary Anderson, Bob Meiser, Sage, Scott and Guideline, Shiz brought his Beulah as well.  We had fun playing with an assortment of lines loaded on sixteen reels including floating Steelhead/Salmon tapers, shooting heads and Skagit and Short Head Skagits from Rio & Scientific Anglers (SA),  a Skagit from Airflo, an indicator taper from Sage, an Elixer from Beulah, and three new Advanced Flight Spey (AFS) lines from Rio.  The National Weather Service forecast called for a 20% chance of showers and winds from 5-9 miles an hour, with highs in the 60’s.  This brave group suffered nearly constant rain (downpours at times), wind chill in the 30’s and 40’s and winds that probably averaged in the teens with hardly a complaint.  Not ideal conditions for a casting clinic but great training for serious steelheaders!  I can’t wait to join these hardy and kind souls for a day or two of fair weather on a local stream putting the magic of switchrods to work pursuing wild trophy trout and steelhead!

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