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Guides report: Summertime fly fishing in the shadow of Shasta


The Blackberries are ripe, the weather is perfect (no local fires), the trout are fat and feisty and solitude is easy to find. We recommend you join us soon!  To help you take advantage of the great local fishing we are offering a group special.  Bring family or friends and hire two guides for a […]

A Guide’s Report: Fly Fishing in the Shadow of Shasta, May 2014

Paul McCloud dry fly Rainbow

With low, ideal flows and perfect weather we are experiencing fantastic fly fishing in Northern California on all of our trout fisheries.   With the peak of our biggest hatches of the year just days away, we only expect the fishing to get better.  Salmonflies, Goldenstones, Mayflies big and small, as well as multiple hatches of […]

Northern California Fly Fishing Guide Trip Reports

Jim with a trophy spring Klamath River Steelhead

Trip Reports for June 1st – 13th It has been longer than usual for us in between posting our reports, it is the time of year we are on the water most everyday, leaving early and returning late.  All of the local waters have been fishing well except for the Upper Sac which continues to […]

Northern California Fly Fishing Guides Trip Reports

Hat Creek Brown Trout on a dry

Leslie with a dry fly trophy 'bowThe fishing has held up surprisingly well considering the unseasonably cold and wet weather we have been experiencing recently. Hatches have been erratic at best but when they come off we have experienced some of the best fishing ever. Surprisingly flows are not an issue on any of the area streams with the exception of the Upper Sac which is best left to whitewater enthusiasts. With fair and much warmer weather in the forecast it appears even better fishing is arriving this weekend.

Northern California Fly Fishing Report

The McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento, Klamath, Pit, Fall Rivers & Hat Creek We are now a bit over a month into the regular trout season and the fishing has been surprisingly good, particularly considering the wet and wacky weather we have been experiencing.  The Redbud and Dogwoods are in full glory with more wildflowers […]

Northern California Fly Fishing Guides Trip Reports

Chunky Pit River

Trip Report for the week of May 14th -21st: Local guides and our guests have enjoyed another wacky and wonderful week of fly fishing in Northern California.  We have found ourselves in short sleeves on one day and in foul weather gear in a snowstorm the next.  The bugs have been confused about their scheduled […]

Northern California Fly Fishing Guides Trip Reports: The McCloud River, Lower and Upper Sacramento Rivers, Pit and Fall Rivers

Bob enters Shasta Trout

McCloud River, Lower & Upper Sacramento, Pit & Fall River Fly Fishing Guide Reports May 6th -13th Fly Fishing for Guides in Northern California has held up surprisingly well despite the wacky weather we experienced in the last week.  We have had everything from snowstorms and thundershowers to eighty plus degree afternoons. Craig Nielsen enjoyed […]