The Upper Sacramento River: Fly Fishing Guides Report

Harry hooks and plays a trophy Upper Sacramento River Rainbow Harry enjoys perfect fall weather and a fine Upper Sacramento River Rainbow Paul enjoys a plump Upper Sacramento River Rainbow Fall fly fishing on the Upper Sacramento River has been spectacular.  The Indian summer we are experiencing has provided phenomenal conditions to enjoy this legendary river in its full glory.  The blackberries are ripe, the trees are full of brightly colored leaves framing a snow covered Mt. Shasta, and there is nothing but fair weather in the forecast.   It doesn’t get much better than this.

The catching has been pretty good as well, particularly for experienced anglers.  Flows are low and clear making stealthy approaches and presentations critical.  Nymphing during the day has produced best with some large fish showing, particularly in the mid and lower river areas.  Small nymphs such as PT’s, Micromays, Birdsnests, S&M’s, and Gordon Princes have found the most fish while larger nymphs, including rubberlegs have seduced some of the larger specimens, which we recommend you check out on Rick Cox’s report on the Ted Fay “Guide Notes” blog.

The October Caddis are out and about in the upper River making for exciting evening dry fly and dry-dropper fishing.  We have also been experiencing some exceptional BWO hatches late in the afternoon, be prepared with long leaders, light tippets and tiny flies for fish that have seen an angler or few lately. Still lots of room to roam for those who enjoy some solitude, the Upper Sac is a better option than the McCloud River this time of year.  Contact us now to schedule a date with on of our great local guides who spends as much time individually on the Upper Sac as our competitor’s guides spend collectively, We believe there is no substitute for their first hand knowledge.

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