There is no place like Home Water

"Trophy" little creek Brown TroutGone Creekin’

I took a break from guiding today, spent the morning and early afternoon in the office and decided to give my friend Tom Chandler, author of the Trout Underground blog, a call to check out a local creek.  He was chained to his desk with a deadline so I went solo.  About a 30 minute drive from my door this little local gem reminds me of the creeks I fished when I was a kid learning the sport.  It also helps that this one also has the same name as one of the creeks I grew up fishing.

Home WaterI strung up my favorite new rod, a dark flamed seven foot C.T Robertson three weight and walked down to the creek to take a look. There was no sign anyone had yet fished the place this season.  It drizzled on and off today and the overcast might have helped the little Browns in the creek feel a bit less nervous as I hooked one on my third cast.  The tiny trout continued to be very willing so I had the opportunity to try a couple different small dries and they eagerly ate them all.  I even caught a few pushing ten inches.  I learned all over what a relaxing and soulful experience these little creeks offer.  I made a pledge to visit more local gems this season.

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