Trout Underground & High Lake Brookies

Tom Chandler on the PCT High Lake Brookie Tom Brews up some tasty Indian Curry September 11, 2010

Craig joined Tom Chandler, writer of our favorite fly fishing blog, “The Trout Underground,” for a hike to some local high mountain lakes to make sure Tom does not go into Brook Trout withdrawal before winter set in.  Tom, being a brand new parent had not yet fulfilled is seasonal quota of at least one local Brook Trout.

Wally the Wonderdog did not make the trip as he was out on his morning jog.  Tom took the high road and opted for dry flies while Craig tossed a small streamer.  We both managed a few fish, all colorful.  The scenery was spectacular. We both remarked that we had many times taken long road trips to get to places such as this and felt very lucky that this was just out our back door.   We talked about fishing over an Indian dish Tom whipped up for lunch and then discussed fishing some more before catching a couple more.

We saw a fish take an adult Dragonfly from the surface in the middle of the lake and just as we concluded that neither of us had seen that before, the fish took another!  The hike back seemed longer than the hike in and Tom popped a few aspirin when he got home, while Craig opted for a few vitamin I, both glad we are still fit enough to sneak out for an afternoon at altitude.

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