Upper and Lower Sacramento River guide reports

This report just posted by local guide Anthony Carruesco:

Lower Sacramento River - Alison's First Trout on the Fly! I have been back and forth between the Upper and Lower Sac the past five days and both rivers continue to fish very well. The bite on the Lower Sac has been pretty insane between about 11:00 and 2:00. The best bugs for me have been Silvey’s Pupa, Prince variations, and your favorite little mayfly nymph (preferably with some flash).

Upper Sac hook up! Up the hill a ways on the Upper Sac we have been finding active fish from mid morning all the way until late evening. Nymphing will be your best bet on this freestone right now as well. Tie on a little soft hackle mid day and swing it – it’s been a fun and productive alternative to high sticking or indi nymphing.

Rick Cox also posted this Upper Sac Report on the Ted Fay Flyshop site on March 11th:

Looks like this great run of weather and fishing is unfortunately about to end for a bit. All the weather folks are saying storms over the next 7-10 days bringing rain, rising rivers and snow …… or as we say in Dogpatch “it is what it is”. In any event bring it on, the whole state can use a major dose at this stage including the rivers which need a bit of the old purge. Those who have had the opportunity to get out on the USac continue to have excellent results. As mentioned before winter fishing here offers you the opportunity to get into a large fish. The numbers will not be a lot for the most part but size is impressive ….. still a mystery though where those dinks of summer go though.  Read more:


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