Upper Sac April 14th

Renee's first Fly Caught Fish! Ed, Renee & Michael

Warm spring weather turned to a blizzard on us today brrr….We started midday and stuck to the upper river where the flows have been more fishable than downstream.  Ed is a regular and was hosting his son Michael and Renee who are talented muscians with the amazing Celtic Folk Band Culann’s Hound’s.  We were really hoping Renee would get her first fish on a fly.  About half a dozen casts in she hooked a lunker but it broke her off.  A few more casts and another nice rainbow came unbuttoned.  Ed landed a fish and lost another in the same run. We moved upriver a bit and fished another run without success, it turned out to be the only run we didn’t find fish!  After a few pull downs in our third run Renee had her prize, a beautiful Rainbow on a blustery cold day.  We took a break and afterward caught a few fish in a run at our lunch stop.  We finished the day further upstream still, catching fish in each run. Michael ended our day by putting everything he learned into a very long drift, amazing hook set and a very nice Brown.  A Brown Trout in the Upper Sac is a rare gem indeed so we took that as a sign to call it a day.  Click on the pic of Renee to see additional pics of these gifted artists and fun family in action.

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