Upper Sac April 28th & 30th

Emerald flows and chrome 'bow Lou and I

Snuck out for a few hours each day to “scout” the Upper Sac with Lou after work.  The flows are dropping and the Upper Sac is becoming more fishable each day.  On Thursday the flows at Delta (near lake level) dropped to just a bit over 1,000 cfs so we checked out some midriver runs.    We were surprised that upstream flows were higher than we expected.  It likely means tributaries are turning into trickles and the flows should continue to steadily drop provided no major storm fronts arrive.  On Tuesday we fished the upper river and had a bit better results.      Water temps are now in the mid fifties which brings many more small trout on the grab.  Still just a few bug showing, the main hatches are still a few days off.  We can’t wait until they begin in earnest and the fishing (and catching) gets silly good!

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