Upper Sac, August 1st

Cinco Amigos Cinco Amigos, John, Ray, Jim, Tim & Jeff

A group of five is not the norm for any local guide, particularly on a freestone such as the Upper Sac.  John is the proprietor of the Klamathon Lodge, a beautiful new fishing lodge we are featuring on the Klamath River this fall and he arranged for this special occassion.  This was a great  group of friends who have fished together many times and they most wanted a shared experience.   We met for a late breakfast and plotted our day.  We would start downstream and move our way up, cherry picking some runs that provided room and opportunities for all.  Ray got us started with a trophy ‘bow in the first run of the day and we were to find fish in each run in their turn culminating with Jeff hooking and landing a few in one of the upper most runs of the river as the light failed.  They fished well over a long fufilling day and as good anglers might exchanged friendly barbs and pleasantries alike while telling fish tales from near and far.

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