Upper Sac, August 6 & 7

Norman & Ginna on a fine day Norman and Ginna

Norman and Ginna are new to the northstate and the bounty of outdoor activities in the shadow of Shasta.  After a brief stay and tour of Ashland arranged by our good friends at the Ashland Fly Shop they spent a few days enjoying views of Mount Shasta, Castle Crags and the Upper Sacramento River.  We opted for an evening to sample the fly fishing on the Upper Sac as a primer.  When a big thunderstorm rudely interrupted our well laid plans we promptly arranged to meet the following morning.  We were greeted by cool and very comfortable weather and perfect water conditions.   Though very little in the way of hatches were offered up the fish willingly sampled our nymphs both hung of dries and below our indicators.  We looked at some bugs, learned both dry fly and nymphing rigs, as well as discovering where the fish lived and fed.  The Upper Sac’s rainbows treated us to multiple grabs, several handshakes, we hooked and played a few, had a couple LDR’s and even had one close to the net though all proved to be camera shy on this lovely day.  After a relaxing lunch and nap this delightful couple planned to return for the evening hatch with their new found knowledge and appreciation of the amusement  offered by this beautiful local freestone.

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