Upper Sac, June 22nd

The best one at last! Tom

Tom is a local Bamboo Rod Maker who recently purchased a summer home on the Klamath River.  His business is Cane Loops and his stunning rods are inscribed CT Robertson.  They are some of the best casting cane I have every sampled.  Now that he has his summer home in shape he is beginning to explore some of the local angling opportunities.  We’ve fished the Upper Sac and Upper Mac together so planned to spend some time on the McCloud.  Fortunately we scheduled a late meeting time to take advantage of the evening hatch and fellow guide John Rickard stopped by on his way to the river.  John reported that there were already nine vehicles at Ash Camp.  This is a bit to be expected on weekends but on a Monday!  Yikes, the McCloud has officially become McCrowded!   We opted to instead explore some accesses on the Upper Sac and other than throwing a few casts with an indicator in the first run stuck to dry flies and droppers all day.  We strung Tom’s Mike Clark 8 1/2 ft. South Fork with a 5 wt. Rio “Selective Trout” line.  It did not load the rod well.  When we swapped it out for a SA GPX double taper the loops took shape. From the second run on we had a steady bite and when the sun went off the water it was phenomenal!  We caught fish on all our flies: our dry, copper and dropper.  We landed several smaller gems, hooked several big fish but they seemed camera shy until the last one of the day.  We saw only one other angler, a friend who was headed home for a beer just as we were arriving.  We enjoyed some solitude which is sometimes more important than the catching and is even finer when we get both.

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