Upper Sac, June 3rd

Releasing a Beautiful Rainbow Jeff

Jeff had heard the fishing was good so scheduled a last minute trip to check it out.  His favorite river is the Pit but he decided it was time to get to know the Upper Sac and McCloud as well.  He is a skilled and accomplished angler and has caught his share of trout so was more interested in exploring the area than maximizing his catch.  We started low on the river late in the day, planning to make our way upriver and finish off the evening with a little dry fly fishing.  We had an overcast sky and a few sprinkles which boded well.  Unfortunately the temps dropped as well so the hatches didn’t develop as usual and the fish went off the bite a bit.  We did manage a fish or two in every other run or so and then found some nice dry fly action on one glide around sundown.  We caught several, hooked others and ticked a few more before deciding to go check an outstanding dry fly run just upstream.  A short walk later we arrived to find no bugs or rising fish.  I never have understood why one run can be so good one night with the adjoining run stone dead and the following evening they will reverse roles?  I guess that is one of the things that keeps us coming back!

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