Upper Sac, June 7th

Tres Amigos James, Charles & Michael

These three good spirited friends got together for a three day trip to camp, fish, joke with each other, smoke cigars and solve most of the world’s problems while lounging in the quiet, peaceful shadow of Mount Shasta.  We fished together the first day on a split shift, a morning session with an afternoon nap followed by an evening dry fly session.  The runs we fished in the morning were very slow after fishing well for several days.  Charles did manage to hook a very large rainbow that got into some fast water and ran a hundred yard dash into the run below.  We followed in hot pursuit by lost her just at the point where we arrived in the lower run and thought we might actually land her.  I received a phone call during

our afernoon break from another group of friends who had fished the same runs that morning, which accounted for our lack of success.  We arrived to our evening runs to find a few fish rising with a mixed hatch & spinner fall.  We got some grabs, some hook-ups and landed a few as well.  When the fish stopped grabbing our flies we switched patterns but it was more technical than usual and getting the correct fly, good drift and a solid grab without putting the fish down was challenging.  These are seasoned anglers so they understood the game and played well.  We hooked some very nice fish and managed to bring a few to hand.    A very enjoyable way to get a fishing trip off to a satisfying start and even though we hadn’t yet solved all of the world’s problems we did manage to escape from them.

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