Upper Sac, June 9th

Green Drake Dry Fly & Rainbow Trout Lou and I

Had a day off from guiding to do laundry, catch up on emails, phone calls, and mow the lawn.  Fortunately it rained and I couldn’t mow so I called Lou to go explore a middle section of the river that has just come into shape.   Lou loaded two rods, one with a dry & the other with nymphs so I figured I’d throw a streamer.  The middle of the day has not been the most productive time but Lou stuck a fish with a dry within a cast or two and proceded to stick fish after fish switching from dries to nymphs.  After his schooling and only two soft bumps on the streamer I decided to switch over to nymphs in one of those runs that is as close to a sure thing as it gets. I then discovered I had not moved my nymph box from my boat into my chest pack.  After rerigging with flies from my foam patch,  I promptly hung my nymphs on the bottom on my first cast, losing all.    I did have a few small specialty nymphs in a dry fly box and upon opening it promptly dropped a season’s supply of soft hackles into the fast water at my feet just as Lou hollered that he had hooked a lunker.  I just looked up at the steep bend in his rod, saw the huge fish roll and had a good laugh.  I did manage to hook half a dozen fish landing a couple, none of note while Lou stuck about twice that many and landed around half of them.  He did not get the big one to hand but we now know where he lives.

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