Upper Sac & McCloud, June 24th & 25th

Steve with a big fish in fast water Stephen

After a steelhead trip this fall and an earlier trip this spring, Stephen returned to continue his dry fly quest in summer conditions.  He is a veteran with a nymph but is  interested in mastering dry fly techniques.  The fishing has been getting a bit more technical so his previous dry fly experience on his spring trip served him well.  Both days we started midday and fished into the evening.  Condtions could not have been better, we were able to hook fish in about 3 out of 4 runs during the brightest part of the day and when the sun went off the water it got silly good!  Steve made superb casts and drifs and was able to raise numerous fish drawing strikes so frequently we need not move.  His nyphing hooksets are evolving to the more subtle sets required on dries so it was helpful to have so much action.  By the evening of the second day we agreed he got it just right several times!

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