Upper Sac, McCloud, Klamath, Lower Sac: June 16-20th

Ed with a fish from Porky Pig Ed & Richard

Ed fishes with us several times a year and invited his  brother in law Richard from Houston (where the trout fishing is none to great) to sample the bounty of the local legendary rivers and get him hooked.  The fishing was fantastic though the catching was slow at times.  Since Richard was new to the sport we thought the epic Salmonfly Hatch on the Klamath would be the perfect introduction.  Unfortunately warm water temps on the Klamath shut down the bite so we improvised.  We fished dries and droppers on the Upper Sac and McCloud as well as introducing Richard to nymphing.  He was a quick study and was soon getting grabs regularly.  Our last day we floated the Lower Sac where it all came together, we steadily hooked fish, landed several beauties and were treated to a thunderstorm at the end of the day that sparked the bite as well as prompting us towards the take out.  Good plan Ed, Richard is already plotting his return!

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