Upper Sac, McCloud, Pit Rivers June 11, 12, & 13th

Greg with a wiggle on the end Paul, Jim, Greg & John

Paul fishes with us regularly and came up from the wine country where he has created some incredible new brands  for Bonded Winery Number Nine.  He invited some good friends who make and sell wine for Bouchaine for a sampling of our local freestones.  Billy Downs guided Jim and John on the Pit as well as John and  Greg on the McCloud while Craig served up the Upper Sac on Thursday and Friday and the McCloud on Saturday.  Greg is new to fly fishing but the others are seasoned anglers who got on their game pretty quickly.  The fishing was great but the catching was not so great during the day, a bit better on the Pit than her sister rivers.  Once the sun went down the dry bite turned on and the fish got grabby.  Most of the fish we landed were small to medium in size though Paul jumped a fish on the Upper Sac that would have made the trip but it came unbuttoned soon after :>(   We enjoyed perfect weather, excellent conditions and the company was the best imagineable making for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway.

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