Upper Sacramento River, August 17th

Chip&Doug Chip and Doug

Chip and Doug fish with John on a regular basis but he was scheduled to fish the McCloud  so this father and son team enjoyed Craig’s company for a day exploring the Upper Sac.  We started on the lower river which has been nymphing well of late and targeted an area that has been holding some big ‘bows.  We fished hard until lunch, covered a fair amount of water well but only managed to find a few dinks?   After lunch we headed up river to find a hatch and some rising fish.  Though we didn’t find any rising fish in the first runs we fished we did get a few fish to grab our nymphs and emergers.   We headed to another little spot upstream to find a nice hatch rising fish but several anglers already stationed in the pools we hoped to sample.  The beauty of the Upper Sac is that we were just able to move a short bit upstream to another out of the way run.  We discovered just what we were looking for and spent the remainder of the evening casting over a very nice hatch of small mayflies and eager fish.   We got grab after grab and after a little adjustment to hooksets landed several as well!  We look forward to the opportunity to fish with these great guys again in the near future!

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