Upper Sacramento River, September 2

Jack lands a lunker Jack and Ron

We got reacquainted with this father and son at the Fishing Shows this winter.  We met them years ago in their Chico store, the  Sierra Stream Flyshop when we lived there.  They are also the makers and distributors for Tie- Fast, exceptional accessory tools such as nippers and knot tiers that we use and highly recommend as the finest available.    The plan was to treat Jack to his first “guided” trip.  Since he was one of the casting presenters at the Shows it wasn’t entirely clear who was  learning from who.  This young man has some serious game.  We started downriver midday looking for some big fish that had moved in from the Lake.   We got several grabs and a few hook-ups in the first run but Dad only managed to land a small one.  Our second stop was unreal.  Jack hooked about half a dozen fish, the smallest being around 14″.  He managed to land a big wild Rainbow but it clearly was nowhere close in size to a couple others we had in close!   We moved upstream after a late lunch in search of shade, a hatch and rising fish.  This was not to be the day for epic dry fly fishing.  Few bugs were about with only sporadic riseforms.  Not to worry, Jack continued to nymph and hooked several and landed a few more.  I can’t wait to get out again with these great guys and garner a few more tips from this saavy young fly fishing phenom!

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